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Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a national key high-tech enterprise, was founded by Wu Yiling, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Under his leadership, Yiling Pharmaceutical has always adhered to the development strategy of taking the technology innovation as the guide and taking the market as the lead. Therefore, the five-in-one unique operating model, “Theory, Clinical Practices, Scientific Research, Industry, Education”, has been established and a new drug development and innovation technology system guided by theoretical innovation of traditional Chinese medicine collateral disease has been set up. The five-in-one unique operating model got highly recognition of the leaders of the Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC, appreciating it as “the pioneering work in the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements in TCM”.

  • Key Hi-Tech Enterprise of China

  • National Key Laboratory for Collateral Disease Research and TCM Innovation

  • National-Local Joint Engineering Laboratory

  • Enterprise Technology Center recognized by five national ministries and commissions

  • National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise

  • Key Laboratory of Collateral Diseases of National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • National Innovative Enterprise

  • Leading Enterprise of Internalization of Preparation of Chinese Pharmaceutical Enterprise

  • Top 20 Listed Chinese Pharmaceutical Enterprise

  • Top Ten TCM Product Brands

  • Top 50 SME Boards in Chinese Listed Companies

  • Top Ten Brand Enterprises of Chinese National Medicine

  • International Science and Technology Cooperation Center of Ministry of Science and Technology

  • Industrialization Demonstration Base of the Achievements of National High-tech Research and Development Plan   


    Yiling Pharmaceutical promotes the industrialization of TCM with innovation of the collateral disease theory and has developed TCM of science and technology, western medicine and biologics with modern high-tech as well as more than 10 national patent Chinese medicine, 13 clinic permissions, over 20 preclinical permissions and hundreds of hospital preparations, covering major diseases fields as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cold and respiratory diseases, tumors, and diabetes. The TCM production line authorized by the national GMP and the chemical preparation production workshop certified by the European Union ensure the high quality of the product. Yiling Pharmaceutical is a national innovative enterprise and one of the top 50 listed pharmaceutical enterprises in China.


Following the discipline law of TCM, “based on clinical practice, guided by theoretical innovation, rely on treatment prescriptions, and standardized on clinical efficacy”, Yiling Pharmaceutical has drawn on modern high-tech to promote the development of new clinical efficacy drugs based on theoretical innovation and formed the five-in-one innovative development model, “Theory, Clinical Practices, Scientific Research, Industry, Education”.

Company profile