Company profile
General manager
  • Master of Medicine, MBA

  • Deputy to the National People's Congress

  • Vice President of China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Vice President of China Rural Health Association

  • Vice Chairman of Hebei Federation of Industry and Commerce

  • Chairman of Shijiazhuang Federation of Industry and Commerce, President of General Chamber of Commerce


International Perspective

In 2004, General Manager Wu Xiangjun graduated with a Master of Business Administration from the University of Hull, UK. In this globally prestigious business school, he has developed insights on global economic and corporate development at the height of globalization. Huge development potential of China and the development of strategic emerging industry of TCM rendered his decision to return home country. Diligence and hard work of over ten years have equipped him with international visions and deep understanding of the development of China's pharmaceutical industry and empowered him to be an entrepreneur that seeks success in development. In 2015, he was awarded as the Top Ten Economic Figure of Hebei Province.

Forging an Iron Army for Marketing

At the beginning of his return to China, General Manager Wu Xiangjun has fought on the front line of marketing. He adhered to the market concepts of “customer-centric and close to the market” and “the front line changes with customers, the second line changes with the first line and all staff changes with the market” and forged an iron army nationwide that is not afraid of hardships, capable of fighting well and being invincible with the execution as the core. Thus, a road of professional academic marketing road is paved, laying a solid foundation for the leapfrog development of Yiling Pharmaceutical.

Grasp the Overall Development Situation

The General Manager Wu Xiangjun has always insisted on promoting the industrialization of TCM with technological innovation, empowering the development of international pharmaceuticals with a broad perspective, and facilitating the development of the big health industry from the height of the company's future. He pays close attention to product quality and practices of the quality concepts of “drug quality is of paramount importance and nothing is more valuable than life” personally with practical actions, promoting the cultivation base of TCM materials per GAP standards, building international standard production platform per GMP standards employed by developed countries in Europe and the United States and thus making Yiling Pharmaceutical a leading enterprise of internalization of preparation of Chinese pharmaceutical enterprise. The company shoulders its social responsibility under his leadership with tax paid for more than 3 billion. Besides, he presided over and promoted public welfare activities such as “Healthy China Rural Tour”, “Yiling Special Health Fund for Caring Doctors”, “Chronic Disease (collateral disease) Prevention and Control China Tour” to assist the needy and help the poor and won the company multiple honors such as “The Most Socially Responsible Listed Enterprise” and “The Social Responsibility Contribution Award of China’s Pharmaceutical Enterprise”.

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