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Lianhua Antibacterial Hand Cream



Plant components; refreshing but not greasy; nourish and repair skin effectively and Inhibit bacteria effectively

  • "Lianhua" herbal plant components, namely, forsythiae fructus and lonicerae japonicae flos  are added to deal with epidemic respiratory diseases more effectively.

  • With antibacterial components added, the antibacterial rate reaches 99.9%, and the antibacterial effect is more sustainable by virtue of the antibacterial protective filmwhich is formed on the hands.

  • Avocado fruit fat, one of avocado fruit extracts is used for better moisturizing effect.

  • Eight kinds of plant extracts, such as Xiakucao (Common Selfheal Fruit) and Shechuangzi (Common Cnidium Fruit) are used as plant nutrients for safety and easiness to absorb.

    Main efficacy: Nourish and repair hand skin, and quickly inhibit bacteria
    Applicable to: People who need nourish and repair hand skin and also inhibit bacteria on hands within families and public places.  
    Specification: 45g / tube * 240 tubes / box
    Main ingredients: Water, glycerin, avocado fruit fat, allantoin, tocopherol acetate, phytosterol oleate, sodium hyaluronate, lonicerae japonicae flos extract, forsythiae fructus extract, hydrolyzed wheat protein, β-glucan