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Lianhua Washing-free Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer



No rinse needed, quick dry, non-oily texture and refreshing fragrance

  • "Lianhua" herbal plant components, namely, forsythiae fructus and lonicerae japonicae flos  are added to deal with epidemic respiratory diseases more effectively.

  • Special ingredients for high-end perfume and dialdehyde alcohol are adopted for disinfection and cleaning skin, and also do not irritate skin and realize a softer smell.

  • Vitamin E is added to inhibit bacteria and nourish skin.

Main efficacy: Clean hands, quickly inhibit bacteria, and nourish skin
Disinfection effect: 99.9% antibacterial effectiveness for staphylococcus aureus and E. coli
Applicable to: People who go out and need clean hands and also inhibit bacteria on hands within public places.
Specification: 50ml / tube * 180 tubes / box
Main ingredients: Ethyl alcohol, water, vitamin E, forsythiae fructus, lonicerae japonicae flos, etc.