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Disposable Medical Surgical Mask



Lianhua masks are made with pharmaceutical-grade production and for more secure protection.

Applicable environment: Disposable masks used by clinical medical staff during invasive operations.

Filtration rate: Bacterial Filtration Efficiency: 95% or more

Three-layer protective structure:
Three protective layers are light and breathable and also fit the face shape.
Lianhua masks are made of nonwovens after being cut from and fused by heat.
1.     The inner layer is furnished with non-woven material that is soft and skin-friendly and adsorbs heat.
2.     The intermediate layer is equipped with melt-blown filter material of polypropylene, which is used to leach bacteria and non-oily particles.
3.     The outer layer is made of SSS non-woven fabric that can effectively block droplets of cough and sneeze and also penetration of body fluid.
4.     Bubble straps are soft and comfortable. In respect to the magic nose clip, face can be fitted by pinching.
Production conditions:
Automatic production in a closed standard workshop with 100,000-level purification makes each mask more hygienic.

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