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Lianhua Qingfei Solid Drink



The components for both medicine and food in the same prescription as Lianhua Qingwen are adopted for fresh breath every day.

Function: Clear throat and moisten lung, reduce the injury from dust, haze and other bad air conditions on the body.
Applicable to: Smokers and people with breath discomfort
Specification: 7.5g/bag × 12 bags / box
Main ingredients: Resistant dextrin (dietary fiber), maltodextrin, rhizoma phragmitis, pericarpium citri reticulatae, platycodonis radix, semen armeniacae amarum, bulbus lilii, herba menthae, lonicerae japonicae flos, semen sterculiae lychnophorae, food additive (erythritol, vitamin C, citric acid, Neotame), and food flavors
Usage and dosage: Take a bag of solid drink and pour it into a cup, add water to make it into about 150ml (increase or decrease the amount of water according to your preference), and sufficiently stir and dissolve it before drinking it.
Product advantages: It adopts the components for both medicine and food in the same TCM prescription as Lianhua Qingwen and has more significant effect of clearing throat and moistening lung.