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Lianhua Refresh Toothpaste / Lianhua Probiotics Plus+ Toothpaste



Different protection in the morning and evening for health in the whole day
Lianhua Refreshing Toothpaste: Inhibit harmful bacteria for 12 hours
Lianhua Probiotics Plus+ Toothpaste: Sleep with protection from probiotics for fresh breath all day long

Probiotics and prebiotics are specially added to regulate the microbial environment and reduce the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth.
They can provide long-term prevention of dental calculus, firm gums, nutrition of dental bed, and antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

Lianhua Refreshing Toothpaste      

  • Usage: Use Lianhua Refreshing Toothpaste in the morning, to fresh mouth, improve teeth, and solve periodontal problems

  • Specification: 140g / tube

Product advantages       

  1. 8 kinds of plant extracts, including forsythiae fructus, lonicerae japonicae flos, lonicerae japonicae flos, Gancao (liquorice root), houttuyniae herba, herba menthae, Hongjingtian (Rhodiola rosea), and Shigao (gypsum) are specially added.

  2. Clear heat and remove toxin, fight bacteria and stop blood, relieve swelling and pain, to solve a variety of dental and oral problems.

Lianhua Probiotics Plus+ Toothpaste

  • Usage: Use it at night to reduce the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth

  • Specification: 140g / tube

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