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Lianhua Ancient Tea



Good place of origin, good technology, ingenious production, and healthy tea

Good place of origin: The Chinese Herbal Medicine Base in Taihang Mountains. The whole process can be traced back.
Good technology: High-quality Forsythia Suspensa leaves and Honeysuckle flowers are picked up at the right time, and processed with the traditional techniques.
Ingenious production: High-quality tea, exquisite packaging design, suitable for both gifts and personal use.

Efficacy: Clear heat and moisten intestines, nourish skin and anti-aging, reduce blood fat and enhance immunity
Applicable to: People who often suffer from internal heat and endocrine disorders; people who pay attention to prevention and delay of aging; people with habitual constipation, high blood fat and obesity, or low immunity.
Specification: 50g / can * 3 Forsythia Suspensa Leaf Tea + 30g / can lonicerae japonicae flos
Main ingredients: Forsythia Suspensa Leaf and lonicerae japonicae flos.
Administration and Dosage: Take one bag at a time and pour it into a cup, add boiling water to make it about 150ml (increase or decrease the amount of water according to the preference of consumers), and then drink it.

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